What People are Saying about Soul Sunday

A Family's Guide to Exploring Faith and Teaching Tolerance

Soul Sunday is a breath of fresh air and a welcome relief to the rising voices of religious intolerance in America. Carrie Brown-Wolf gives parents and children practical, respectful, and healthy tools for discussing different cultural and religious perspectives. With this beautiful book, families will have fun as they create, sing, and draw their way toward love, acceptance, and deeper spiritual connection. Bravo.
—Jeff Lutes, Executive Director, Soul Force

Parents who are searching for ways to bring more meaning and spirituality into their family life will love Soul Sunday. It’s a hands-on, tolerance-teaching approach to understanding world religions and giving regular time and space in your family’s schedule to exploring life’s big questions. What could be more important?
—Barbara Rowley, Contributing Editor, Parenting Magazine and author of Baby Days

Americans spend so much time and energy giving their children instruction for the mind and body, while too often neglecting the spiritual needs and joys of life. In Soul Sunday, Carrie Brown-Wolf offers practical advice for helping parents and children spend time together exploring spiritual and moral issues in a loving and affirming environment. Her interfaith marriage provides personal experiences and insights that will help develop understanding about one’s own beliefs while promoting acceptance of others.
—David Yonke, Religion Editor; Toledo Blade and author of Sin, Shame and Secrets

Soul Sunday teaches tolerance in a creative, interactive format, accessible to all parents.
—Linda Mason, Chairman and Founder, Bright Horizons Family Solutions and author of The Working Mother’s Guide to Life: Strategies, Secrets, and Solutions

Soul Sunday
gives parents all over the world a way to understand each other by learning about religious differences. Tolerance and respect for such differences will help lead us to peace.
—Muhammad D. Yusufu, former Inspector General, Minister of the Interior, and Member of the Supreme Military Council of Nigeria

Soul Sunday is a must read, not only for families, but for everyone who wishes to understand better the wonderful and diverse world we live in today. With her delightful and refreshing style, I look forward eagerly to more thoughtful words from Carrie Brown-Wolf in the future.
—Pastor Bill Cox

Through her seminars and now through her book, Soul Sunday, Carrie Brown-Wolf is offering critically needed direction to religiously blended families yearning to make their homes spiritually whole. Within the family framework she helps us find the fruitful point where religious conviction and spiritual exploration can reinforce each other. Moreover, Soul Sunday does this by offering practical activities and projects for the family to do together. Together, the family can overcome whatever fear there may be of other world religions, and as the family members grow in knowledge, so too do they grow together.
—Rabbi Richard Baroff

As a Lutheran pastor keenly interested in educating children in the inclusive teachings of Jesus, Soul Sunday provides just the kind of guidance I’ve been looking for.
—Pastor Rich Mayfield, author of Reconstructing Christianity

As parents of two elementary school-aged children living abroad, my husband and I are constantly struggling with how to teach and maintain our Indian culture while learning about the cultures to which we are exposed daily in our host countries. Because there is no structured, organized course we can attend abroad, Soul Sunday will be the perfect tool for us to share and openly discuss information about topics we hear about around us and in the news. Soul Sunday should be required reading for not only expatriate families, but all families interested in learning about the world and understanding their neighbors.
—Hina Pandya, M.D.

Soul Sunday is a unique tool that provides a forum for families to discuss spiritual, moral, and ethical issues outside the confines of formalized religion. Learning about the observances of different religions and cultures can facilitate meaningful dialogue about what matters to families and why. Soul Sunday provides families with a framework to organize celebrations and rituals in a way that can work for each family.
—Cassandra Wilson, L.C.S.W.

Carrie Brown-Wolf has spent her life teaching young people about the values of diversity and the richness of multicultural awareness and attitudes. She also knows what types of activities and projects engage children and make learning fun. Soul Sunday is an inspiring book and has unique value for any family.
—Jane Sanborn, Director Colorado Outdoor Education Center and author of Bag of Tricks

Soul Sunday is a welcome and wonderful tool for families striving to understand and live in a world of religious diversity, while strengthening their own religious heritage.
—Martin I. Bresler J.D., Intergroup Relations Activist