Carrie Brown-Wolf

Toledo, Ohio. That's where I was born. Home of the Mud Hens, Tony Packo's Famous Hot Dogs, and lots of good (and sometimes hard) memories. My first BIG adventure sent me across the ocean where I lived with a Muslim family in Tunisia. It wasn’t always easy, but they were amazing, and I still consider them family.

After going to Colorado College, I worked for a student exchange company and was lucky enough to travel back to Tunisia as well as to lots of other places. I attended Teachers College of Columbia University, earning a Masters in International Education and somewhere along the line, I married Dan, who's Jewish, and we raised 3 awesome kids. I wrote a book about religious understanding called Soul Sunday: A Family's Guide to Exploring Faith and Teaching Tolerance. Much to my surprise, it won seven national awards! Now, I teach English at Colorado Mountain College, read and write every day, and play when I can.

I’ve studied with a few phenomenal writers: Nova Ren Suma, Matt de la Pena, Matt Kirby, Sarah Aronson, Tiffany Jackson, and Sara Pennypacker. They taught me different things about writing, but they all said this- read and write as much as you can!